CFD Brokers Reviews

We review the brokers based on criteria and each of these criteria is getting a score on 10. In most of the case, the overall rating is the average of all the individual ratings.
We compile the leading CFD providers and review their advantages and disadvantages then provide the reader with an editors choice.
The information we gather from these quick reviews is not sufficient for detailed comparisons, but it’s very useful to get a high-level sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the CFD Brokers, and enough to create thumbnail reviews.
The assessment process is confidential to ensure that sensitive information provided either in the application or at another stage of the peer review process is protected appropriately.
We know that the importance of actual customer input for the broker reviews because they are people who used it.
To save you, the often disappointing trial-and-error process of giving these brokers a whirl yourself, I’ve rounded up a few and put them to the test.
We do, however, research the what traders have to say about the brokers while pursuing our own review of the provider. you can visit our online broker comparison here.